Shkoder (Albanian: Shkodra or Shkoder, the inhabitants in Albanian are called Shkodran) is a city of 109,632 inhabitants in the north-western part of Albania, in the district of the same name. Shkoder lies between the shores of the Shkoder lake, near the rivers Drin and Buna. Is considered the “cradle” of Albanian culture. Shkodra has always been considered the moral capital of Albania.


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Things to see in Shkoder
The most important monument of the city is the castle on the hill outside the city. This castle was built in IV century BC, and is also the largest castle in Albania. The name of this fortress is “Rozafa”. The city of Shkodra has various stages of construction, ranging from the Illyrian period until today. The old city is made up of different neighborhoods around Castle Rozafa and ending up north of the city, with houses built within the walls, of Illyrian, Roman-Byzantine and Venetian historical periods.
The most important district of Shkodra is “Wigs”. This neighborhood is part of Sector “28 Nendor”, named after the hero of the people Qemal Stafa. It is important to remember the borough “Skanderbeg”. This borough is the most important district of Catholic religion and is also one of the largest city. It is located in the Catholic Cemetery (once one of the most beautiful Catholic cemeteries of the Balkan Peninsula).