The Monastery of Zvernec is the most important cultural monument in the region of Narta. It was built in the thirteenth century in Byzantine style and is dedicated to St. Mary. This building is located in the center of the island. Every August 15, there is an Orthodox celebration to commemorate the birthday of Holy Mary.

Pictures of Zvernec

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Zvernec Monastery

The main monument of the island is certainly the Church of holy Mary, annexed to the monastery in the thirteenth century. It is situated at the center of the island, surrounded by evergreen trees. It is the most attractive monument of this area, the main place of worship during the dark years of religious repression. Today we celebrate the Orthodox Christian religious ceremonies and here, every August 15, is celebrated the birth of the Virgin Mary. Local residents and residents of the region of Vlora will arrive on a pilgrimage on the evening of 14 and will spend the night outside the church. The evening a fire is lighted, singing and dancing till morning. People eat food prepared by families or groups arrived. The typical dish of this holiday is the roasted duck. The next day, on the island, people belonging to other religions arrive.

What to do in Zvernec:

Besides visiting the island and the monastery, on the feast of August 15 or during the carnival of Narta in the days of the Orthodox Easter, those who want to pass one or more days at sea can choose from many local beaches. The best are those of the Triport and New Port, large but very dirty and without bathing facilities and no restaurants, if one excludes the few fast-food vendors selling hamburgers and suflaki accompanied by raki and hot drinks, only during the summer. The sea water is generally clean.

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