Albanian traditional Music

Albanian folk music has preserved its characteristics and its forms until the end of the 800. It is accompanied by singing and stringed instruments and wind instruments such as the lavish ( instrument with four double strings played with a plectrum ) and bakllamaja ( three-stringed lute ) culedjaria the flute ( the most ancient of all Albania ) . The oldest songs speak of heroes and love.

The oldest version of the song is the epic poem of the heroes ( Rapsodi Kreshnike ) where the role of a singer tells stories and is accompanied by stringed instruments. Belli also some songs that highlight historical mythological heroes , medieval warriors who are fighting against the turkish invaders.

Persone che ballano al ritmo della musica popolare albanese

People dancing at albanian popular music rythm

This historic musical tradition has continued until modern times are those in which the heroes of World War II . Popular music is also rich in ancient love songs , like this one below, which in Italian translates as ” May God make me BECOME .”

Të më bëjë zoti mua,
bilbil ewdhe tjetër s’dua,
Të këçndonja ku të dua,
N’ato baçe me limua.
Leshëverdhë, ç’far’më thua?
Je e bukur, pra të dua!
Je e vogël, sbën për mua.
N’ato baçe trëndafil,
Janë mbushur plotë bandillë.


May God make me BECOME
Nightingale, I do not want another ,
I may sing where I want,
In those lemon gardens .
Oh golden hair , what do you say?
You’re beautiful, that is why I love you,
But you’re tiny, you do not do for me.
Those gardens of roses,
They are full of love.

Albanian classical music

There is a rich tradition in Albania polyphonic two, three , four voices without instrumental accompaniment . The so-called classical music began in the postwar period and is due to a project that has created the communist state that facilities are suitable for this purpose . Preng Joakova is its greatest representative . The young Albanians , however, love the pop music of their time , there is a great flowering of singers, bands of considerable international renown who perform abroad. Today we try to revive the folk tradition , giving ample space to the vocal music folcroristica integrating it with the musicality of pop and electronic music , this is the project that goes by the name of Jon Projekt (project Ionian Sea) .