The traditional costumes in Vlore in Albania and in particular are very characteristic, the female consists of a white blouse with embroidered collar by hand, from a fairly low-cut vest without buttons, with embroidered details and a skirt, usually long, of black, while the men’s costume consists of a short skirt butterfly white, black shoes with a scoop also white, a white shirt and a black vest with gold embroidery.

Finally, you are wearing a top hat. In Italy there are two museums dedicated to Albanian folk costume, both in Calabria, in the province of Cosenza. Museo del Costume Albanese di Frascineto (CS)

  • via della Montagna
  • 87010 Frascineto (CS)
  • tel. e fax 0981 32549
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Museo del Costume albanese di Vaccarizzo Albanese (CS)

  • piazza Dramis 5
  • 87060 Vaccarizzo Albanese (CS)