Getting to Albania by plane

There are many direct connections by plane from Italy to Albania . You can start in many Italian cities to get Mother Teresa Airport in Tirana. The airline Albanian Arlines offers daily flights from Bologna, Rome and Milan. Belle Air instead from Forlì , Parma, Pisa , Verona, Rome, Milan and other cities several times a week .

Alpi Eagles runs the route Venice-Tirana. The Italian airline, Alitalia, leaves every day from Rome and Milan. In other words, there are many possibilities to go to Albania by plane. The flight is short , only an hour and a half and if you are lucky you can enjoy a breathtaking view over the Adriatic Sea.

Tirana International Airport

The Tirana International Airport Mother Teresa (IATA : TIA) is the only international airport in Albania and therefore plays an important role for the country. And ‘ situated in the village of Rinas , 11km north -west of the capital. In 2001 the airport was named after Mother Teresa . With more than 12 airlines flying to 33 destinations , the Tirana International Airport is the gateway to the world of Albania .

The equipment and facilities of the airport ‘s air traffic have been heavily modernized following investments by Tirana International Airport shpk , a leader of the consortium Hochtief AirPort . Hochtief has taken over the management of the airport April 23, 2005 , for a concession period of 20 years , inclusive of the construction of a passenger terminal completely new and improved various infrastructure , including the construction of a new access road, new parking and a bridge on the old access road to the airport. The expansion led to an increase in the number of passengers per year , estimated at 1.5 million for 2009.

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